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"Gladys Drew is dwarfed at her sewing table by a crush of magical poppets. They occupy every surface of Drew's tiny living room..."

                      Jennifer Heath, Visual Arts Critic
                             for the Rocky Mountain News

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My Story

As a youngster, Gladys Drew used to draw and color on flattened grocery sacks. She learned how to do crafts such as weaving on cardboard looms in the Girl Scouts. In junior high, she earned two Scholastic Achievement awards in art. In high school, she prepared her own art assignments as Independent Studies. The resulting work was displayed in the Denver Art Museum. After graduating high school, it was recommended that she attend art college. Although she studied for almost a  year at the Rocky Mountain School of Art, she is mostly self-taught. Her favorite genres are outsider and folk art.  Inspired by these, she creates one-of-a-kind art dolls.

Dolls can be a great catalyst for change,  transformation, and emotional healing. They draw you out in "play" or "dialogue" so that you can get in touch with your inner feelings and thoughts. I repurpose fabrics, buttons, vintage jewelry, charms,  and beads for their costumes and embellishments. Wool, alpaca, or cotton socks are used to make their bodies.  Dyed wool locks, stuffed hairstyles, and caps or hats are used to finish their heads with panache!


My dolls are for adult collectors and are not toys for children.

Sold in Canada & U.S. only.


Let me introduce you to some loving characters, designed to soothe, delight, and comfort you.

Let's connect!


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